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Dagwood Dog Day Afternoon

When show time rolls around there are many familiar sights will greet the crowds of attendees during their travels around the Showgrounds. But perhaps there is none more comforting or iconic than the scores of happy punters ambling around with a golden, crispy, deep fried Dagwood Dog drenched in tomato sauce (or mustard if you are so inclined).

But the deep mystery of the universe you are probably left lying awake at night pondering is, where is the best Dagwood Dog at the Show?

Well, don’t lose one more moment of sleep dear reader, because the Show Radio team is here to save the day. Our intrepid announcer Patty took it upon himself to try some of the finest Dagwood Dogs to be found this year’s Royal Easter show, and here are his results.

1) World’s Longest Fries – Showground Stadium

First contender is the “wonder dog” from the Worlds Longest Fries stand

Verdict: 8/10

“Batter texture is on par with the sausage, so we’ve got a good texture to sausage ratio. The sausage is still a little moist considering it is about 5 minutes old, so we still have that moisture aspect”

2) Cheese On A Stick – Home and Lifestyle Pavilion

Our second entry is the controversial inclusion of the Hotdog-on-a-Stick, from the Cheese-on-a-Stick stall

Verdict: 9/10

“I like this one! It’s got a nice sweetness to the batter weirdly. So the hotdog has got a nice sweetness from the batter. It’s still a little moist, still quite young in age.”

3) Hot Take Away Food – Coca-Cola Carnival

Our third contestant is from the Hot Take-Away Food stand

Verdict: 7/10

“Oh that’s a thick boy! That. Is. A. THICK. BOY. This one is a little less brown, a little less golden than the other two, I will give it that. But it still looks nicely cooked, nicely well rounded, not as many crispy bits as the first one, which I’m a little disappointed in. But the batter is quite nice though.”

4) Good Food Fast – Coca-Cola Carnival

The fourth and final competitor is from the Good Food Fast stand

Verdict: 7/10

“That is thick. I only got a tiny little bit of dog in that bite. Not much Dag at all. This is a heavy boy. The way they dipped it, they gave it a little extra batter at the tip. It’s on par with Hot Take Away Food.”

A happy Patty on the precipice of Dagwood Dog heaven.

You can hear Patty’s final thoughts on his expedition through the world of Royal Easter Show Dagwood Dogs in the player below.

Patty D delivers the final verdict on the Royal Easter Show Dagwood Dog Challenge.
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