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Home Competition How Much Could a Wood-Chop Chop if a Wood-Chop Could Chop Wood?

How Much Could a Wood-Chop Chop if a Wood-Chop Could Chop Wood?

Credit: RAS Instagram Mitchell Hewitt Winner of the Tree Felling

One could say Field Reporter Greg was not into sports. In fact, sports aficionado is probably the worst description of our reporter Greg. Nonetheless, he was sent out to cover one of the Royal Easter Shows landmark Wood Chopping events the 325mm World Championship Tree Felling Contest. The atmosphere was electric and the stadium full with many keen show goers waiting outside just to get a glimpse of the burly competitors in action. The competition was tight and Greg became a changed man watching every action with curiosity and excitement. The athleticism of these unassuming Wood Chop masters was only outweighed but the sheer amount of brute force and balance it took them carve through these mighty trunks.

The Mix up

The competition was decided in mere minutes as the clear favourite was declared an early winner. It was a photo finish and upon further analysis 14 time winner Mitchell Hewitt was crowned as the World Champion with only point three of a second in it. Needless to say resident field reporter Greg truly became a convert to the timeless sport of Tree Felling.

Greg becoming a Sports Fan


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