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Magnesium Power!

Jayce with the team from Elektra Magnesium Oil

The Home and Lifestyle Pavilion is definitely the place to find all things health related, and, in my case, supplements that will amaze you!

A few nights ago, I almost aimlessly wondered past the Elektra magnesium stand until I was greeted by it’s cheery proprietors Peter and Sandy, and was introduced to magnesium oil. This Australian-made, vegan friendly, chemical-free lotion is the world’s first magnesium cream.

This cream hydrates and protects the skin, but it’s most amazing power is in it’s use as a massaging cream, perfect for relieving muscle aches.

After lugging two backpacks to and from my AFTRS’s classes for weeks, my shoulders and back really feel the strain. Peter gave me a free sample (and, hey, who doesn’t like a freebie?) and within minutes, this stuff didn’t just work, it worked perfectly! Magnesium cream literally took a load off my shoulders. The Sanderson family have been doing the rounds of the State Shows, and are proud to be a part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

As Sandy was waiting to appear on Show Radio, we further discussed Australia’s diet trends, and the need for more dietary supplements.

“A lot of focus goes into how much sugar we do and don’t eat. More attention needs to go to the minerals and vitamins in the Aussie diet” she said.

Sandy, Peter, and Elektra Magnesium Oil can be found at the Home and Lifestyle Pavillion.



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