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Quintessential Easter Show Cuisine – What’s on Offer? Where can I get it?

The Sydney Royal Easter Show offers offers the public a full menu, catering for everyones wants and needs.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can sink your teeth into at The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Classic Crowd Favourites

Chips on a stick – For all the greasy fired food lovers out there, getting your hands on some potatoey goodness is an absolute must. For a minimal cost, you’ll be presented with a perfectly cooked potato chip, spiralled on a wooden stick so you can simply grab your food and enjoy, as you walk around exploring the show. With a variety of seasonings catering to all palettes, the only problem you’ll have is whether you purchase one or two!

Location – Grand Parade or Orana Parade

When – Open Daily

Art of Gelato – The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a great place for a sweet treat. Indulge in a variety of unique flavours as well as your favourite gelato classics. Made with the freshest ingredients, using traditional gelato methods, you’d be silly to not check it out.

Location – Grand Parade

When – Open Daily

The Big Marn – Petey Pie Bakery – We all love a traditional basic Australian meat pie. However, Petey Pie has put a twist on a recipe as old as time itself, by putting a hole in the top of the pastry, filling it with delicious fresh ingredients and great flavours. For an experience unlike no other, make sure you check out this unique easter show store.

Where – The Woolworths Food Farm

When – Open Daily



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