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Scarecrow Exhibit: Could this interview be the final straw?

It’s the role of a reporter to identify talent and when great talent is not available, always have a plan B.

Scarecrow Competition is fairly new to the Sydney Royal Easter Show debuting in 2019, having conducted some research, I was keen to understand more.

The scarecrow for those that are not aware are the first line of defence to keep birds away from crops for as long as farms have been around in Australia, but can be traced back to Egypt 2500 years ago.

Unfortunately judging is conducted prior to the show starting, so plan A went out the window as I wanted to find out more about the winning entry.

What happens next when plan B was used, well if you missed Show Radio on Easter Saturday afternoon take a listen to find out:

If you want to be like me and take a photo or selfie with the winner and runners up in the Scarecrow competition, they are in the Flower and Garden Pavilion, if you are at the Sydney Royal Easter Show it is well worth a visit.

In an interesting side note the humble scarecrow could soon be out of a job, replaced with smart technology powered by AI. These devices will not only be able to learn to adapt in terms of their role of scaring away birds and other animals but the farmer will be able to connect to the device using a smart phone to relay information. However if you ask me the real ones will always have a place even if it is just in my heart.



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