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Showgoers help shape the future of the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Showgoers who visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year have the opportunity to take part in a major decision-making process that will leave a memorable impact in 2022. 

The annual event is celebrating 200 years in 2022 and to mark the occasion, the Royal Agricultural Society is calling on Easter Show revellers to help choose the artist of next year’s poster. 

With a theme of ‘celebrating the past whilst looking towards the future of Australian agriculture’, the competition attracted a wide range of entrants – all of whom are hoping to take the top prize.  


Speaking to Show Radio on Saturday, Heritage Centre manager Karen Finch revealed why the RAS opened the competition to the public and what they’re looking for in a winning poster. 

“This is kind of the kick off for all the celebrations that we will be having, all of the events and all of the excitement that will happen for the 2022 program,” Karen said. 

“The posters traditionally have been quite cutting edge and part of whatever was artistically popular at the time but they have also been the launching pad for a lot of artists who were either paid for or who volunteered to create a poster for the Easter Show and then went on to be quite famous. 

“We’re kind of hoping we will find the next up and coming artist in this competition but we’re also just looking for something that embodies the show and celebrates 200 years.” 


Karen said that the judges were extremely impressed with the entrants, which have now been narrowed down to the top six, which are on display in the Heritage Pavilion.  

“There are now six up on the wall in the Heritage Pavilion and the public are now voting for their favourite and the people’s choice will determine which poster we use next year,” she said. 

The manager went on to say showgoers still have the duration of the show to visit the pavilion to cast their vote and make a difference to next year’s celebration. 

“There is a QR code on the same board as the posters. Simply click on that and you choose whichever one you like the best and if your poster wins you’ve got bragging rights – you helped contribute to that artist.” 

The Heritage Pavilion is open 9am-6.30pm daily.



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