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Presenters Battle It Out For A Cheese Toastie

Presenters Charlie and Megan battled it out this afternoon for that chance to score a free cheese toastie off producer Lu.

Lu prepared a quiz for all things Woodchopping in anticipation of the Tag Team Final at the Masterchef Woodchopping Stadium.

Charlie was victorious but lets see how well you know your Woodchopping!

How many wood-chop events are at The Sydney Royal Easter Show?

There are 46 events across the entire show! That includes Underhand, Double Handed Saw, Speed Cutting, Jack & Jill Swing and a Parents & Child Categories.

What is the most common wood used for the wood chopping events?

Australian Gum!

Where did the woodchopping competition start?

Tasmania! It’s an Australian event that started in 1870 Ulverstone, Tasmania.

How’d you go? Listen back to Charlie & Megan doing the quiz her!



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