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What The Heck Did I Just Witness?

Today after finishing my enjoyable producer shift for Jonathan (you can catch it on Show Radio Catch-up), I saw a couple of horses enter the giant stadium. I thought it was only a couple of horses, no big deal; this has become a regular aspect of the stadium I have learnt over my show radio journey. 

A gorgeous stud of horses enters one by one in an expertly crafted line. As time went on, dogs and llamas came. This magnificent group of animals was like a weird crossover episode as I have never seen so many different types of animals in one place.

As cows were coming, it was a slow descent to chaos! The cows were in a stink and a mad mood, some choosing to run for it! Once the horses saw this, they started to do it as well! One by one, they kicked up a stink and slowly and slowly, more animals came in until the entire stadium was packed! There was every and any type of animal now circling the stadium. I am not going to lie at times; I was nervous about the handler’s safety!

I wondered what this event was about, was it to get all the animals to meet each other, you know as a co-worker meet! (Do you get it, because like they are co-workers, you get it!) Or what was it more than that? 

A fellow show radio producer and presenter, Annie, said that this biweekly event celebrated the championship winners’ animals! I don’t know what shocked me more; there were so many animals in this stadium or that these were supposed to be the championship animals! I wonder what it would be like if all the losing animals did the same! 



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