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Education and Empathy at Little Hands on the Land

It’s a beautiful sunny morning with a hint of a chill in the air. I’m walking through the gate of Little Hands on the Land. A woman charges past me with a gaggle of young children behind her. “Let’s pretend to be real farmers!” she exclaims to her excited brood.

These eager farm hands are ready to work

Today being Thank A Farmer Day here at the Royal Easter Show we thought it fitting to explore an initiative that strives to demystify the journey food takes before it ends up in our stomachs.

The farmer role-play she speaks of is the Little Hands on the Land kids-sized working farm located in the paddock. Kids can experience our food production process. From chook shed, farmers market, fruit orchard and finally the supermarket. On the edge of the paddock are a bunch of real-life farm animals. Excited children holding buckets filled with plastic food are running from station to station. Towards the end of this educational journey there is the chance to walk an alpaca up and down a small paddock.

The charming Peta with her alpaca pal

Dodging kids and alpacas, Nathan and myself are attempting to ask children and adults, why they would thank a farmer. It was heart warming to hear the responses, many of which acknowledged the lack of recognition that our farming and regional communities receive for their crucial role in keeping our cities running.

For an educational and wholesome experience a trip down to the paddock and the Little Hands on the Land comes with our highest recommendation!

Check out the audio we captured below.

How Would You Thank A Farmer?

WHERE: The Paddock

WHEN: Daily 9:30 – 6:30



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