Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Three Family Fun Ways to Spend Your Day

1. Face Painting at the Wicked Fabulous Face Painting. Natal and Dana headed out onto the Grande Parade to see how they could jazz up their faces with a little character. Natal channelled his inner feline whilst Dana unleashed her majestic wings.

Natal and Dana with their Tiger and Butterfly face paint on.

2. The Avengers Ride. If you’re into flips and tricks…and potentially seeing those Dagwood dogs for a second time, then this ride is for you. Natal, a notorious ride sceptic, took on this monster solo! The only tiger allowed on!

Natal pulling an ecstatic and surprised face on the Avengers Ride.

3. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos at the Coca-Cola Carnival. There is no family bonding activity stronger than getting (temporary) inked together. Natal opted for a little shameless self-promotion with his ‘Show Radio’ tat. Too bad it’s not permanent ;). 

Natal looking very pleased with his tiger face paint and a ‘Show Radio’ temporary airbrush tattoo.



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