Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Meet Australia’s Newest Citizens

Earlier today, 197 conferees took an oath and pledge to our nation becoming the newest Australian Citizens.  

In true show fashion the ceremony opened with great Australian styled entertainment and a Welcome to Country which acknowledged the original custodians of our land.  

The ceremony commenced with an official Welcome to Country and dance from traditional custodians of our land

The process of becoming an Australian citizen is significant as an individual needs to meet requirements and also undertake an interview and test on Australian knowledge. This includes questions including knowing the colours of Australia’s Aboriginal flag, the date of European settlement in Australia and how Australia turns a bill into a law.  

Our newest Australian’s will cherish this unique moment becoming a citizen of our land whilst celebrating the rich and prosperous agricultural history and lifestyle that Australia has embraced since the first ever Sydney Royal Easter Show back in 1823.  The number of conferees were chosen to further signify 197 years of The Royal Agricultural Society.  

Our field reporter Rhi was down at the Australian citizenship ceremony and spoke to some of the conferees.



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